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Thread: Allen MDC Classic 42 - $100 (Oakland CA)

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    Allen MDC Classic 42 - $100 (Oakland CA)

    Advert says it has AGO pedalboard, but it looks kinda "princessy' to me.

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    It's hard to tell with the pedals from the "wonderful" photo, due to the shadow effect. But it does look more like AGO size to me, because of the shape of the sharps. On all the the Allen Princess pedalboards I'm familiar with, the back end of the sharps have a little scallop or depression on them. These don't seem to have that.
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    The 42 is indeed a full AGO model. During the MDC production, there were a couple of compact models with princess pedals, but the 42 was AGO (with self-contained speakers) and the 52 was nearly identical with external speakers.

    This console has the exact same keyboards and pedalboard as the top of the line Allen organs of the same period. Back then, there were no cheap models with Italian-made keyboards. An Allen organ had ALLEN keyboards and pedals! So the MDC models are good candidates for MIDI consoles, especially Hauptwerk conversions that will be controlled by touch-screen monitors.

    The 42 is actually a very interesting organ for an MDC. It has four audio channels, even though the speakers are all in the console. The MDC audio processor board has separate reed, flute, diapason, and bass outputs, each of which gets its own amplifier. The bass output was actually derived by extracting the lowest frequencies from the other three channels, giving the 16' pedal stops great power and freeing the other 3 amps to produce cleaner sound while not being burdened with bass frequencies.

    In this way, the 42 is actually a cut above the single-computer MOS and two-channel MADC models of the same time, none of which ever had this many audio channels. (Not that this compensates for the well-known shortcomings of the MDC system in the area of polyphony.)
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