I inadvertently overlooked my "Notification" box on the forum. I read it yesterday and went to reply today but could not find the message anywhere in my Private Message Inbox folder. The notification was posted a few weeks back. Maybe it wasn't saved since I just read it yesterday. I am doing this post on the forum hoping that the person that had the question will read this.

The question was: When I did the recap of my TG, how did I adjust the coil magnets at the front of the organ where there is very little space. Did I remove the TG? No, I did not remove the TG. I removed the 4 TG screws and washers completely. Then I removed the 4 TG suspension springs and lifted the TG up out of the 4 cabinet holes and slid the TG back as far as it would go. I believe I also removed the expression pedal control rod to allow the TG to go the rear of the cabinet a bit more.

This gave me enough room to get access to the magnets for adjustment.

If the person that sent me the PM reads this and has any more questions, send me another PM. I will watch my "Notification" box more closely now.

John M.