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Thread: The Last American Organ Company...

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    As a sidebar to this discussion: I live in the United States and recently purchased a digital organ made by a Dutch manufacturer from a private party in Canada. Recently I needed to purchase a replacement bulb for one of the lighted drawknobs. The manufacturer would have sold me a bulb for about $2.50 USD, but the shipping would have been several times that amount, so they referred me to their U. S. supplier. The U. S. company will not sell to private individuals, so (with some help from this forum identifying the bulb) I searched the web and found a German company selling the bulbs for about $.50 USD each and a reasonable shipping rate. I purchased 10 so I would have them for future needs. The total cost was less than what the manufacturer would have charged me for one bulb.

    I wrote to the Dutch manufacturer to tell them where I obtained the bulbs, so that they could inform other U. S. customers where to get replacements reasonably. The president of the firm thanked me and said that the German firm sells them at a lower price than they were paying to their U. S. supplier. The German company is the new supplier for these bulbs to the Dutch manufacturer.

    Small world.

    My home organ: Content M5800

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrdc2000 View Post
    Hence we are citizens of the world and need to learn to get along with our sisters and brothers regardless of where they live.
    The second part is true. But I'm not a citizen of the world. I'm but a stranger here; heaven is my home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kc9udx View Post
    the second part is true. But i'm not a citizen of the world. I'm but a stranger here; heaven is my home.

    My home organ is a circa 1990 Galanti Praeludium III, with Wicks/Viscount CM-100 module supplying extra voices. I also have an Allen MDS Theatre II (princess pedalboard!) with an MDS II MIDI Expander.

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