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Thread: 1891 Mason & Hamlin 902 Organ

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    Well thank you very much. i really appreciate showing me that link and see where the stuff came from. George Woods certainly made some interesting organs. They don't turn up very often in this part of the country. is a short video of the inside of that thing with some of the stuff out of the way. I had the Electrola going and didn't realize my camera would pick it up as loud as it did. I've gotten most of the mouse nests out of there and I know Stuart pulled some of it out when he had it in his storage unit for a week or so. It has had the bellows recovered, but the guy used rubberized cloth on the exhausters instead of doing it the way it was done originally. And he glued everything down with white glue so I'll have to sort that all out. At least nothing was really messed up in the process, and it looks like he pulled the entire action out of the case instead of taking it apart as there was no evidence of the linkages being messed with, but in a few places wrong screws were used and that sort of thing. He could not have been happy with that thing after he got done with it. For one thing, the glue joint where the bellows meet the bottom of the reed pan is not tight on the treble end. You can get a knife between it there. The flap valves are original and curling (but may have been ok when he went through it) And he did not do anything to seal the bottom of the exhausters other than use some red cloth for a hinge on the inside. Oh well, I'll have to get after that white glue with paint remover and get it all soaked off the thing. I've certainly seem MUCH worse work done on pump organs and player pianos, but it's always much better when they have been left alone.

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    Well thank you. I know what you mean about having enough stuff. I just figured out the "facebook marketplace" thing a few weeks ago. Holy cow for the pump organs that are all over the place for sale. Good thing that didn't exist 15 years ago when a 12 hour drive didn't phase me! I'm a UPS driver and I get the "What did she (or he) order now?" remark almost every day. Haha! Earl.

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    Just in case you thought I wasn't going to have to re-glue the cabinet Haha!

    Mason & Hamlin was kind of being odd by not running the burled face veneer all the way to the ends of the panels. It sure allowed a lot of that veneer to pop loose and buckle at the edges of the boards. They did go to the trouble to put scrap veneer on the backside though to keep the panels from warping, which was nice. It's interesting also to see that they used newspaper to keep the glue that soaked through to keep the panels from sticking to each other. Having the whole cabinet apart does make glueing those loose edges back down a lot easier though.
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