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Thread: Need Help Identifying Pump Organ

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    Need Help Identifying Pump Organ

    I found your awesome forum and hope that someone can help me identify my pump organ. I can't find any markings on make or model. Picture attached. Much appreciation.20181010_165849.jpg

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    Welcome to the Forum! I hope you continue to participate after you find your answer.

    My response is twofold:
    1. If you open the cover to the organ, you'll probably find the name in gold lettering somewhere just above the keyboard. Even if you can only read the location of the organ company, that can narrow down the manufacturer.
    2. The pump organ database (from the Reed Organ Society) can help you find more information about the organ as well. Their site is located here:

    Hope this helps.

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    Hello and welcome to the Forum. Michael has already pointed you in the right direction. That surely looks like a solidly built cabinet and in good shape too. Check on the lower edges of the pedals. Sometimes the name of the manufacturer is cast in the metal - but not always. You can also post some pictures with the keyboard cover open. We would like to see the number of stops and their names. Sometimes these well built organs have solid backs, so please some more pictures. Thanks. Hope you will frequent this Forum often.

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    Thank you all for being very helpful.

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