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Thread: B2 with 21H Rescued

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tonewheel View Post
    If the 21H speaker magnet is square, it's likely the original.
    If the speaker is a large Jensen field-coil woofer, it's original. They're pretty unmistakable.
    I'm David. 'Dave' is someone else's name.

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    Thanks guys, This thing is a dream! I am torn between adding the trek perc. and just leaving it.
    The Jensen is a field coil, very cool! I'm still sorting the 21H -it is blowing it's fuse.
    The plan is to split the pair with my friend who needs a leslie, (and made the pick up possible) but I want to keep them together- especially now that I realize the 21H kit also makes it 122 ready
    I plan to make this available for gigging. I might like the cart more than r.o.k.'s! Oh yeah, the bench was Loaded with books! Hammond instructionals, hymnals,...

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