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    This morning I found a Facebook group "Reed Organ Tech".

    It's certainly an active group, but as I scrolled through the posts, it seemed to me that it was mostly photos of reed organs with lots of "wow - great pix!" or "here's another for sale on Craigslist" comments and very few bits of tech information.

    I did a search for "rubber" and "twill" and "leather", and no posts were found. On Organ Forum, a similar search turns up dozens of posts on each.

    Am I missing something?

    The Organ Forum we're on here provides a lot of advice and details, but (at least in the reed organ area) the activity is a bit slow. The Facebook group has lots of activity, but not (to me anyway) much detailed information or advice.

    I wondered if there are any other FB Reed Organ Tech members here who might comment.

    Tom M.

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    I started Reed Organ Tech originally to focus on restoration issues. I agree with your critique that things get off topic, but with an active 1000-member group with varying interests, that happens.Last week I made a spinoff group called Reed Organs in Film and Other Media, so that the people that were posting screen caps of movies would have a place not to clutter up the tech group.
    Nothing to prevent anyone from asking questions, though.

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