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Thread: Help with Hauptwerk

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    Help with Hauptwerk


    Someone would know what settings are needed to correct the response key reversal in Hauptwerk 4 ?

    That is to say by pressing a key, the sound is stopped and releasing it, the sound lasts indefinitly.

    The same problem arose in Grandorgue and I found the solution on the internet: In MIDI parameters settings for keyboard, these parameters are needed : Low Velocity = 1 and High Velocity = 0 to correct it.

    Where can I do those changes in Hauptwerk 4?

    Thank you.

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    I am not aware of a way to correct this is Hauptwerk. Sending NoteOn and NoteOff in reverse order is such a fundamental problem that it would seem best to correct the error in keyboard wiring or in the encoder. Many encoder designers would be happy to provide a fix. Other encoders have translation capabilities built in. If that is impractical then I would suggest using a MIDI translator from MIDI Solutions or doing the translation fix in a program such as Bome MIDI Translator.

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    Quote Originally Posted by John Kinkennon View Post
    it would seem best to correct the error in keyboard wiring or in the encoder.
    Yes, certainly. The free MIDI-Ox program (and others, I suspect) will probably also do a clever correction of the problem, but you run the risk of introducing unwanted latency into the system.

    John Reimer

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