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Thread: Rubber cloth and treadle tape

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    Any soft suade-like leather about 1/16" thick. Somewhere I kind of remember someone mentioned sheeps leather. Burn or punch the screw holes to ensure a good seal. I think Casey mentioned that already. All this assuming you are referring to the seal between the wind chest and the top of the bellows...

    Thanks for keeping this Forum updated.. You will not be sorry you started this labor of love!

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    Quote Originally Posted by nutmegct View Post
    Casey - would you consider selling me two yards of that 2" material?

    Tom M.
    I would consider supplying it to whomever is in need. I think 100ft is a lifetime supply for me. PM me.

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    Thanks Casey. PM sent.

    I've been told by several forum folk that my George Woods has "harmonium style" exhausters. I assume that's because they have cardboard sides with leather gussets.

    Couldn't I just replace those with the same rubber cloth as for the reservoir/bellows?

    Tom M.

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