Hi there,

I have an issue with a T200-1 (or TR200).
This one has the drum vibrato scanner, belt driven.
It is turning normally, I would say.

Playing without vibrato is ok.

When no drawbar is out, switching on vibrato is ok - of course you cannot here it as no drawbar is pulled out.

When any drawbar is pulled, also just to 1 or 2, and I switch on vibrato (no key depressed, but pressing makes no difference),
the whole organ starts to whine like a siren and only stops if I switch vibrato off.

I is a rising tone, very loud. (just as an example - sounds like a capacitor loadig up thru the speaker.)

Any ideas? Is that known?
I tried to search the forum and the net, but I seem to use the wrong key words....

Help appreciated.
REgards, Mark