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Thread: Beckwith Pump Organ

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    Beckwith Pump Organ

    Iím new here and I apologize if this is not correct forum. I am trying to find out the age and model of my dads Beckwith pump organ. I have lock everywhere, inside and out, and the only number I can find is the number 76 stamped on the back. Does anybody have any ideas if this could be the only number On the pump organ?

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    Beckwiths often have a date penciled on the front edge of the key-frame. You can see it if you unscrew the piece of the cabinet that has the lock & keyhole below the keys, then the wood that the keys rest above will perhaps have the date on the right side.If you look in the databases at you will find a serial number list for Beckwith as well.You could find the ser. no. on the back or somewhere just inside the back panel, may be stamped or stenciled, should be a 5 or 6 digit number.

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