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Thread: George Woods - the inspection

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    George Woods - the inspection

    Organ arrived right on time this morning.

    Step one: check for cabinet pieces loose. None found. Then:

    Removed back, removed key slip. Found a few key fronts that had fallen off.



    Discovered that much of the "felt under the keys" was actually dust. (Man am I naive ...)

    Used compressed air to blow out dust from under keys, around reservoir, reed boxes.



    Inspected the non-working right treadle. The fabric tape was just lying behind the treadle. How the heck do I get inside there to repair it? Can't find a way to remove that large panel behind the treadles.

    As I used the working left treadle, I discovered that all the keys work, but not all keys work on all reed sets (ranks?). That's probably evidence of dust in a reed or two, but I don't yet feel ready to tackle removing the reed sets.

    Also discovered there are many cracks and gaps in the rubber cloth on the reservoir. Exhausters actually look ok.


    So I think my first step is: replace the rubber cloth on the reservoir. The return springs are exterior and on each side of the reservoir, and resemble old-fashioned "hand grip exercise springs".

    I looked through the ROS restoration pages, but dont' find anything actually explaining how to remove the reservoir. I figure if I can get the reservoir out, I can reach the treadle area and get that fixed.

    If anyone can advise on how to remove that reservoir, they'll get a firm and hearty handshake.

    Onward through the fog!
    Tom M.

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    The reservoir was installed first, so it comes out last, after all of the stuff above it is freed.
    Edit to add:
    Woods was an odd mechanic who did things his own way; when you turn it on its end to fix the treadle, peer around the perimeter of the reservoir to see if it's screwed on from beneath.
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