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Thread: Moving a pipe organ

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    Moving a pipe organ

    I may have the opportunity soon to help move a small pipe organ (I/9, P/2). It is disassembled and in a pitiful state currently. I'm beginning to plan out the moving process. My question is for those who have moved instruments before: have any of you ever used a Uhaul to transport an organ? If so, what size Uhaul worked for you?
    I have many ideas, and much advice, but I reckon asking here can't hurt, and may yield useful ideas. Thank you!
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    As organs vary a lot in size, this is almost impossible to answer from a distance. If it is disassembled, then at least you should know how and in how many and how large crates it is packed?

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    I have moved dozens in 26' Uhauls. It is certainly an ' adventure in moving ' as they say.


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    Do you have trays to put the pipes in? Those are a necessity unless you want to make the organ even more pitiful.


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