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Thread: Allen 7000 and 301B

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    Allen 7000 and 301B

    Michael(s), John, David & all,
    What are your thoughts on this Allen ADC-7000, 3 manual/draw knob organ currently on Ebay for $5k? Located in Johnson City, TN (near you?) Claims 70 stops, 90 rank equivalent, built 1985'ish. 1) condition "used"-- supposedly fully functional/operational, 2) sounds fair price-- is "digital" (since my 301B built 1977 is digital), 3) will it even fit through a standard width home's front door (like mine!): Length 6'4", Width: 4' 11", Height: 4' 4". Assuming width of 4' 11" must be with pedal board/bench in place. Correct? If so what's width of "console" only? My Allen 301B just barely fit through my front door-- after taking door off hinges.
    What would be a fair asking price for my Allen 301B (pic below) --now that I've invested $1k+ & tons of my/y'all's time to make it "good as new" -- fully functional/operational, e.g. $3,000, $2,500, $2,000?
    Thoughts anyone?


    Ebay web link:
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    This ADC 7000 is in the "C" series console, and without pedals, the depth is 42 inches without pedals. Unless you have a very wide entry door (or double doors) it will be difficult to get it into a house.

    In general, the last of the ADC series is better than the earlier ones. The last series had a "3" as the 2nd digit, i.e., ADC-7300. The first ones were "0" in that digit, and the middle were "1". I suspect it wants a very large space for the sound to bloom.

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    Bummer-- just informed by Ebay seller that the Allen ADC-7000 will NOT fit through standard width residence door. Ugh!! Will be a great deal for someone, e.g. church, individual (with $ & bigger width residence doors). LOL
    Thanks all!!


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    You're correct (unfortunately)-- as confirmed by Ebay seller.


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    I'm sure you're right-- like in a nice big church. Ugh!! Was nice thinking/dreaming about it for awhile at least. LOL


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    It would seem that the EBay add is from R A Colby which is indeed in Johnson City, TN. However, when one reads the description it has all the finger prints of a certain Ebay seller in Florida. Some statements are identical. "Not a handy man special" "recently inspected by an MITA affiliated technician" Not saying it is one in the same, I was thinking Colby bought it from Florida then no longer had use for whatever they had planned. Would make a real nice MIDI console. My question is this, the drawknobs appear to be gray and I have noticed this on a couple three manual Allens, and I wonder if they were supposed to be that way or are they bleached out? The color doesn't appear perfectly even, and nothing like the knobs on my 5000.
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    This listing has been discussed in a longer thread about used organs. As I noted there, the same photos were used when this was originally listed in February by another ebay seller and the lighting is rather poor so I'm not sure I'd give a lot of weight to the colors.

    The previous discussion begins on page 9 and continues on subsequent pages.

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    It is owned by Roger Colby. He bought it to use while building a very large pipe organ. Now that the pipe instrument is ready to install, he is trying to sell the Allen. Roger sent me a photo of the name plate and it is ADC 7000 DK serial #48794. His son is the one that listed it for him and more than likely Brad just copied what Warren Apple uses for his write up. This is a really nice organ if someone needs one this large.


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    IF only I had the room....
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbird604 View Post
    IF only I had the room....

    I'm building the room (it's BIG!!! 32'x24'), but still waiting delivery of my ADC-8000DKC from Phoenix! At least garage walls are up--just waiting on trusses now.

    I wish this 7000 had come along sooner, but I've already taken the plunge on the 8000. Hope to use it this fall for a concert that requires 2 organs--we'll see.

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    ADC organs are indeed better sounding than the MOS organs, but just how much better is a matter of opinion I suppose. I currently have an ADC 6000D, in my music ( living ? ) room, and I love it. Once you have a nice three manual at home, you will get spoiled, and playing smaller ones in churches will be not as fun, but so it goes.

    This one is a beautiful console, and if RA Colby is the seller, I can see where the condition disclaimer in the description comes from; they build some of the finest consoles in the biz.

    But then again, if it is an organ person selling it, the description and the stoplist do not match up - kinda silly to let someone copy the text from a different ad if you know organs. Description says it has four 32' stops; stoplist has 3.

    I think the price is a bit high in today's used organ market, but a seller will always shoot high. You can always come down for a serious buyer.

    I sold a reconditioned 301B like yours in 2012, and got 2200.00 for it. That was with the buyer picking it up at my shop, so I did no delivery or installation work. It was a first class restoration, and I added reverb and a third amp and speaker for the bass channel. The market has changed considerably since then, but Allen digitals always sell, in this part of the country anyhow.

    The whole " this organ will not fit though my door " thing kinda baffles me to tell the truth. If you want a particular organ in your home, you do what you need to do to make it happen. You can call me crazy I guess, but in several instances I have cut doorway openings to make one fit. And one time I even made an entire section of the exterior wall to be a giant hinged organ door. The Sawzall is your friend !
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