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Thread: Mighty WurlitZer Leaving Memphis

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    Mighty WurlitZer Leaving Memphis

    This fine old gal (Louise) is being crated up and sent off for a $500,000 restoration. I thought some of you Theatre Enthusiasts might enjoy this article in today's Memphis Commercial Appeal. Many years ago, I spent most of my lunch hours playing this organ. At that time, they welcomed players just to help keeping her "exercised." She has had a lot of use in recent years, but has been declining. The renewed enthusiasm has brought about this renewal project. I hope this link works for you. I had to double click on the front page article to enlarge it.

    Enjoy !
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    Glad to hear that it is being restored as an original instrument.

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    You may need to search. The article is dated 29 June and the term "Wurlitzer" will find both the lead on page one and the conclusion on page 13.
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    I hope they keep orginal relay in operation and restored. Now adays its a great thing to rip the thing out and put in a computer sytem in.

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