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Thread: what are some things that make you cringe about movies that portray your career feild

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    How about robot technician (not really my title, but "electrician" isn't very specific)?

    You know, we're all single (for obvious reasons) slobs who build silly talking things that either try to take over the world, or just do other immoral things.

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    I haven't seen any films about Army Bandsmen. Although Private Pruitt was a former bugler in "From Here to Eternity", and he ends up getting killed by American troops by mistake. I suppose that would make me cringe.
    Allen, circa 2006

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    Quote Originally Posted by KC9UDX View Post
    How about robot technician (not really my title, but "electrician" isn't very specific)?
    Movie: Short Circuit 1, 2, & 3?
    Quote Originally Posted by chimay View Post
    I haven't seen any films about Army Bandsmen. Although Private Pruitt was a former bugler in "From Here to Eternity", and he ends up getting killed by American troops by mistake. I suppose that would make me cringe.
    What about the (ancient) TV show F Troup, or the film: Sergeant York?

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    Quote Originally Posted by andyg View Post
    Maybe there's been a movie about music teachers??
    Mr. Holland's Opus?

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    I'm a structural engineer and I think the best one I've seen was "Infrastructure" on John Oliver's Last Week Tonight. There's plenty of cringe worthy puns and jokes but they are pretty accurate.

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    Really appreciate this answer -- and your answer to its answer!

    - - - Updated - - -

    I consider it pretty defamatory.

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    Quote Originally Posted by myorgan View Post
    electronics engineer making the electronics for what must have been the last baseband modem put in production--Movie: Wargames (OK, that's a stretch).
    Isn't that more appropriate for a COBOL programmer? Almost all movies about "hackers" are cringeworthy in their depiction of remote computer interfaces. Like all hacking is done on a 80x32 tty screen with fonts readable from accross the street. Zooming 3000% in on a remote ega resolution surveillance camera gives a better than 4k screenshot where you can see if the culprit has not shaved well under his left nostril.

    About music teachers there is the aptly named movie "the music teacher". Haven't seen it and my experience with music teachers is more along the lines of "rainman" so I cannot comment how well it fits.

    For preachers, might "Don Camillo" do well? Rather ancient movies about a rather energetic priest in a small very catholic italian city that has to cope with a very socialistic mayor (who is at the same time at the front row each service).

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    David C --
    meaning no disrespect (especially since I did several semesters of programming coursework including 2 semesters of COBOL) I wouldn't guess that there is much demand, except for program maintenance, for COBOL coders these days. When I was doing the COBOL courses, we were exposed to what we called "sphagetti code" that jumped around pages like crazy.

    Rick in VA

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    As a church musician I absolutely LOVED "Sister Act" with Whoopi Goldberg in the role of a reluctant but surprisingly effective choir director! Of course I could also cringe about that one, if for no other reason than that it makes the job look so easy and simple!

    Having been a pastor for part of my adult life, I also cringe at some of the stereotypical portrayals of clergy in the movies. Not so much at the ones that expose and lampoon the awful impostors who have so often fleeced the flock ("healers" and other hucksters, hypocrite evangelists with secret sins, silly TV preachers who live in luxury while scamming little old ladies). I think people like that need to be exposed, if not put in prison.

    But the stereotyping of the local pastor as something of a well-meaning but simple-minded boob (as the preacher on the TV series "Young Sheldon") is a tad offensive to the vast majority of folks who are working hard in their parishes to minister to their folks under sometimes difficult circumstances. Though I suppose one could make the case that even Sheldon's preacher partly deserves the comeuppances he gets from the little tyke.

    Better media portrayals of clergy include Father Brown (I'd love to have him for my pastor!). Dawn French as "The Vicar of Dibley" was of course a bit raunchy and over-the-top in some ways, but on the whole she was a positive and encouraging portrayal of a pastor. Reverend Matthew on "The Waltons" was a positive character portrayed as a good guy. There are surely many others that don't come to mind right now.

    Don't know that I've seen a media portrayal of an organ technician, but if there were to be one it might be spot-on if it portrayed him as a geeky nerd who spends too much time worrying about bias voltages in transistor circuits.
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    Just by reading everything on this thread you think that Hollywood would actually consult people about career their trying to portray. computer programing scenes need an up grade hello, the mouse was invented is it enough to ask the actor to at least wiggle the mouse while they are "Working" on the computer, i get it that you can get around the computer just by keystrokes but um this is not the 70s computers have mice to point and click with.

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