Hi, Don60 - Thank you very much. I did not know that. I was sitting on bare concrete and got a respectable shock by touching a generator frame track (the frequency generators on this organ pull out like drawers). This is such a relief because I was worried that it might have killed every transistor in the organ.

I know that old Hammonds are not grounded for some reason, but since this organ provides the power for the organ, one rotating gyro projector, three amplifiers, one whind generator, and one tremolo unit, would it wise to ground the organ to the house electric system? Currently it has a two-prong plug.

Here's what the DC power supply circuit looks like.

I did leave the power supply at the audio shop today with a note that it's shocking me when I touch it or anything grounded to it.

I don't know what they'll tell me, but I will clean up all the ground connections that go to the power supply. Most of them ground to a single post there.