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Thread: Blackpool Keyboard Cavalcade 2018

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    I'm just a few years older than you. I turn 49 next month. I started my musical journey with the organ in 1982. (See here for a brief story of how I started playing the organ.) I still consider organ my primary instrument although I do play piano and arranger keyboard. If I'm going to play for just enjoyment, I always choose organ.


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    I was 45 earlier this year, and haven't met anyone younger than me for whom electronic organ is their first/primary instrument. I guess I was an oddball as a learner though, because even in my teens all I wanted to play were easy listening numbers Wunderlich-style. Imagine a kid coming to you today asking to learn organ to play that stuff. You'd have him sectioned.
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    Oh dear I'm older than all those ages posted Oh Moother. Nice to read the stories of how people got into organs in my case thru pas band and growing up with a Hammond in the house when not sat in the van for the next gig. Inevitably I started to tinker around 7 years of age when I had hair. Soon joined the band picking up the guitar as we expanded also to transporting two organs, cabinets, my gear, drums & PA clobber often up and back down the dreaded 5 flights of steps at a regular venue. Still enjoy playing traditional numbers and cant really embrace the slap jazz which is popular today on Hammond.
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