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Thread: estey folding reed/pump organ -needs bellows

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    estey folding reed/pump organ -needs bellows

    Hi all! I am new to the pump/reed organ world. I recently purchased an Estey model JJ folding pump/reed organ. The case/wood is in great shape. The keyboard looks great too- no broken keys, the lay nice and even and do not stick. The problem is it doesn't make a sound. The bellows are pretty much non existent. The foot pedals are there but the straps are broken. it came with a box of parts--I have 2 boards and 2 metal rods/springs that I guess would be the hinged/moving part of the bellows but no actual leather or paper bellow material.
    my questions:
    can the bellows be replaced?
    has anyone ever done it?
    should it be left to a professional? average cost to repair?
    Can you recommend a repair person in New England?

    Any help or advise would be appreciated
    Thank you
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