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Thread: Estey antique pump organ from 1880

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    Estey antique pump organ from 1880

    Interested in finding out more information and collector / enthusiast for my family’s pump organ - one family has passed this down generations. Thank you for any help and guidance!

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    Hello and welcome to the Forum. There are lots of Estey organ models and one would have to see a picture to be able to guess at the information you would want. For a start you seem to have a year of manufacture but it is still too little. Being a new member you will need to post a few more messages before you would be able to post a picture or two.
    Meanwhile please visit the following website and search for Estey - there are literally hundreds of pictures. Perhaps you will find the model you have there.

    Please let us know if you have no success. Maybe one or more of the other knowledgable and helpful members will join in and assist.

    Good luck.

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