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Thread: Corners and Tape for Hohner Student

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    Corners and Tape for Hohner Student

    I have this old Hohner student that needs some restoration. Been gigging with this for a long time and have recently been trying to find the proper corners and tape but can't seem to find the right stuff online.

    Any idea where I can get corners and tape for this? Not even sure how the corners are measured/called - have seen some offered on eBay but not sure what to order.

    Thanks alot for any help.


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    I can only tell you the German names of the parts you need...
    Over here, I'd buy spare parts from one of the specialised dealers or accordion makers. Some of them might ship worldwide.
    Hohner has an official shop for spare parts:
    You could also try asking Martin Hartmann of or I could find some additional addresses for you if needed.

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    Have you checked out this place?

    It always bothers me when an online retailer doesn't tell where they're located..

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