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Thread: A.R. Pratte Pump Organ

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    Interesting looking piece. And I am intrigued by the keyboard. Can you tell in which key it is? Reminds me a lot about my little Holdernesse which is also a compact traveller but it is a pressure organ. Your one looks like a suction model. Here is a couple of pics of my one taken before I cleaned off the muck:


    Pretty little thing. Enjoy!

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    Great Insight

    Thank you very much for the information.
    I hope others can help in the quest to solve the mystery of the AR Pratte pump organ...

    Quote Originally Posted by myorgan View Post
    That handle appears original, and it is what I'd expect to see on such an organ.

    The "screwdriver tool" in the back serves a double purpose. It has a screwdriver on one end, and on the other end of the circle, you'll find a reed-puller. It looks a bit like a crocheting hook, but it is actually used to pull the reeds for cleaning. The hook part goes in the divet/notch at the end of the base of the reed. Don't do anything drastic with the reeds because they can be quite fragile. However, you can pull any reed that is silent, and blow sharply across the reed, and loosen any dust between the reed and the housing. Any spec of dust can silence a reed.

    Hope this helps a little.


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    Would collectors seek an A.R Pratte pump organ?

    Just wondering...
    Would this AR Pratte pump organ be considered an "antique"?
    Are there museums or collectors that would puchase this organ?

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