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Thread: Viscount Unico 370

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    Viscount Unico 370

    Our Church is about to purchase the Viscount Unico 370.
    We were given one of the three manual, custom made with wooden keys, slightly used over Easter and it played and sounded great.
    I'm wondering if we are getting a good deal and wonder if anyone can give me some price comparisons?
    We are told it retails for $75k, but with a few breaks, we are looking at $55k.
    Does this sound about right?

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    I canít say about the price, but congratulations! Iíve heard several videos of the 400 and it sounds really excellent. I just found this video of the 370 vs. an Allen MDS15.

    I think the Allen actually sounds very good, but the Viscount sounds so much more alive and less sterile, even on that low quality recording. Youíre in for a treat!

    Hereís a professional recording of the 400. There are a number of them in this video series.

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    My local Allen dealer is selling a "demonstrator" organ of similar size and wants $60,000 for it, but a similar new Allen would be quite a bit more. With a full sound system for your church the price is probably reasonable.

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