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Thread: Restoring a Claugh & Warren Co. reed organ

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    Restoring a Claugh & Warren Co. reed organ

    Some friends of ours gave me their old 16 stop Claugh & Warren Co. reed organ. I cleaned some of the reeds in the front of the organ that didn't work with warm water brushing lightly with a toothbrush so I didn't remove any metal.
    The linkage for the harp colian (A 2' celeste) broke at the stop rod so I an using a string until I can get that duplicated. I also tried to clean one of the Melodia reeds in the back of the organ, It was bent at the edge and after I straightened it with pliers lightly it still doesn't sound as loud as the other reeds. The Diapason (Bass) and Melodia (Treble) stops are in the back of the organ with a forte stop.

    Some of the couplers don't work and the Celeste and Clarone stops (The clarone borrows from the celeste rank) get jammed because the wood linkages fall out if they aren't kept pulled a slight bit.

    What type of felt should I use in restoration, wool or acrylic and does thickness matter? Is Hyde glue the best glue to use, and if so is the ready to use type okay or should I just get the flakes that you heat up with water to about 60-65 degrees Celsius?

    To get to the couplers I need to take of the the stops mechanism. I found four screws on the back plank of wood the stops go through, I can disconnect the Vox Humana and harp colian rods but I can't find what screws keep the front panel connected to the organ.

    What other pointer would I need in restoring this organ?
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