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Thread: Karn Removing the bellows I hope

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    Question Karn Removing the bellows HOW

    There are (3) screws along the top of the Bellows Is this all I remove or are there some hidden?
    I pushed the assembly to see if it held pressure but it returned very quickly. When I get this out I hope to try the restoration of the leather valves. Saw where you can by bellow materials.
    The bleed off is no good so I taped it for the test.
    I think it is a B32 Model

    The bellows FEEL like the canvas material as the old boat tops, rubberized canvas is this possible?
    Take Care
    Thanks as always
    George Pavlisko
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    You'll probably need to remove everything from the top of the organ (stop action, keyboard, upper action, and reed pan) before you can remove the bellows. The organ is built from the bottom up and there are likely screws inside the windchest that you'll need to remove to get the bellows out.

    The bellows material is special rubberized bellows cloth that you can get from several places. I hear Schaff Piano Supply has good cloth though I haven't replaced the material in my organ yet and have yet to order any.

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