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Hi everyone,

I thought I should update this thread a bit with my final choice. A couple of weeks ago I got a Brother PT-D600 with the computer connectivity ability, and the full color screen. I have not had a chance ( or need ) to play with it till tonight. After putzing around with it for a half hour or so, I gotta say that I love it ! The labels I made tonight look SO professional, it is hard to believe that it is so quick and easy to use. I did not play with the computer interface at all, but using the device as is works so well that I may never find a need to use the computer with it.

My only complaint so far is that the instruction book is so Small ! But that is not just Brother that does that these days; every electronic gadget comes with those tiny books anymore. I know I can get it full size from their website and even print it out, but it is quite annoying that "I" need to do that.

Thanks again for the advice and recommendations. I'm very happy I asked you all before getting one.

When I bough my Brother QL-500, found the manual also very small. Google Brother and you will find that it Is easy to download a printable pdf manual for every printer they make. Hope this helps.