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Thread: Advise for a child beginner - PLEASE help!

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    I’m starting a list with the models suggested and will start to understand what I’m looking for as I do the research. I tried to reason with the regard to price with the seller of one of the list organs as it looks very well kept and is very close to me but she would have none of it. Such a shame that it could be played and loved but it sits in her garage wasting away. In the meantime she can use her set-up to practice and I will talk with some churches to find somewhere for her to practice a bit more. I don’t think our church will let her practice in the pipe organ!

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    Definately get her pedals, at least the 13 spinet pedals. Yes, the older rolands, yamaha and even techniques should cover her bases for the music she wants to play. I would stay away from an old Hammond Drawber only organ as she wants to push a button and play and the drawbars take a long time to learn and may not produce the sounds she wants to hear. Good Luck!

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    Hi John, Iím still looking for my daughter and ran acrosss a Lowrey Explorer. I can see itís limited on functions and may not service her long but what do you think of it for a beginner? I ask because you began on a Lowrey. It looks to be in good shape, itís small and the price is right! Thanks for helping!

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    I think you could do much, much better than that. With its small specification, it should in theory be very low cost, but it's a Lowrey, they're VERY expensive new and so sellers often like to ask higher prices for them.

    Roland, Technics, Yamaha and Kawai is where you should be looking, IMHO.
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    Ammie Nice to read your posts. The compact Yamaha EL-7 is a nice starter instrument and wouldn't overwhelm a youngster. In the UK we can pick these up for small money but the US seems to be a bit higher.
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    Assuming you live near Kansas City, you might look at a few organs on craigslist (which you may have already).
    There's this one (Yamaha Electrone FX-20) that you might be able to negotiate the price down on (if you have space)
    Or this one (Rodgers Trio) that you don't have space for but would be a really good deal
    There appear to be a couple of other Yamaha organs (Electrone FS-500 or US-1) that might be good (others would have to weigh in because I don't have any experience with them).
    There is also a Hammond E-112 that would be nice, but drawbars have their own learning curve as Lori pointed out.

    Edit: Is this the Lowery you were looking at?
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    What a thrill to hear about your daughter’s desire to study the organ. My compliments in your effort to find her a suitable practice instrument given limited finances.

    that Yamaha listed above would be a great starter . Two full manuals and some real pedals, even if non standard (remember that Bach only had 25 and he did OK). You can probably negotiate the price. Moving that 500 lb. thing will be a challenge. I don’t know the distance but you may be able to call on your church to take it on as a service project. After all, it would be an investment in a future organist.

    or, do a GoFund Me. You never know

    bestto the both of you.

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    If your daughter is somewhat serious about learning to play organ, either the Yamaha FX-20 or the Rodgers Trio would be the best choice of those three. That Lowery is just a toy organ in my view, so I would not recommend it even for a beginner. I started playing on a small Wurlitzer with only 13 pedals and out grew it's capabilities within a year. If your daughter takes to learning and playing, the Lowery will be way too limited much quicker than that.

    The FX-20 is a great instrument, and that would be my first option to suggest to you for many reasons. It is the last of the big Yamaha consoles that is pretty much playable ( as far as finding the sounds you want easily ) right from the control panel. With the newer ones you need to delve into various menus to find what you want. The sound system in it is great, and so the satisfaction of playing it is there, even for a beginner playing simple music. And if a beginner can make nice sounding music right from the start, that will only encourage her to learn and do more and more. If you get her a mediocre sounding instrument first, then the joy of making music of any sort on it will not be there, and possibly make her loose interest.

    The FX-20 is big, and as said above, quite heavy. But the big and heavy goes hand in hand with being a quality built and wonderful sounding instrument. The suggestion to see who in your church could help you move it is an excellent idea. In any church there are likely people who could help, and would be willing to do so for a good cause like this. And if there are not, it is quite possible that someone there has friends they could get to help.

    The FX-20 can do church sounds well, although it is not designed as a true church organ. It can also do many more styles and sounds than that, and do them excellently. Even church organists play pop music sometimes, and the FX is the best one of those three for it. There are options in that organ she may never use, but it is nicer to have them and not need them, than it is to have an instrument that does not have them when you want them.

    You can probably talk the seller down from his asking price of 500.00, just by explaining it is for your daughter who Really wants to learn to play. The 5 RP-1 cartridges for the memory that come with it are hard to find and worth 35.00 to 50.00 each these days. Don't tell him that of course.

    The Rogers Trio is a nice organ, but that is really best suited for someone who Really is into the Theatre organ style and sound. It's older than the FX, so it should really be owned by someone who is interested in doing any repairs that it will need themselves.

    All of us older organists here love to hear about young folks taking up the organ. The advice you have been given so far is all good, even though we all differ in our views somewhat. Good luck with the search, and do feel free to ask questions about any organ you are considering. We have so many people here that are INTO organs of all kinds, that there is always someone who knows about a specific brand and model.
    Regards, Larry

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    I can't help thinking a kid learning to play organ on an FX-20 is like a kid learning to ride a bike on a Ducati.

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    Quote Originally Posted by seamaster View Post
    I can't help thinking a kid learning to play organ on an FX-20 is like a kid learning to ride a bike on a Ducati.
    Yeah, me too! So many buttons and such could be overwhelming. But a good teacher could control the urges I would think. And of course, there is value in tinkering with the buttons.
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