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Am I to wet only the string ties and put the cloth on the drum and then hit it with a hair dryer? Or should I wet the whole cloth and put it on drum then hit it with hair dryer?
Here’s my process:

Soak the entire cloth in warm water and gently squeeze out the excess until it’s no longer dripping.
Blot the cloth inside and out with a paper towel.
It’s important to keep track of the strings throughout the process. Keep the 4 lengths even.
Iron the cloth on a medium heat, no steam setting by hanging the cloth over the pointed end of the board.
You should only be ironing one ply at a time. The cloth should not be folded on itself.
Rotate the cloth and continue to iron until all creases are gone. Again, keep track of the strings.
When you’re done ironing, the cloth should still be a little damp.
Important: Don’t let your wife see you do this or you’ll be assigned a new chore.

Now you’re ready to pull the cloth over the lower rotor. Again, keep track of the strings. When tying the strings, leave the loops about 3” long and cut the ends so they’re just about even with the loops. This will allow you to smoothly tuck the strings under the edge of the cloth. Your double knot should rest in the little notch provided in the edge of the cloth.

It’s important to buy a good fitting cloth. I like the one ClassicHammonds sells on eBay. I think they’re the same as Rick’s at TGH.

I never use a hair dryer. I allow them to air dry.