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Thread: Worcester knee swell mounting

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    OK, here goes another try with an image. This shot is of what I think is the left knee paddle. Note the direction of the "tabs" on the mounting bracket. If mounted on the left these tabs would face inward towards the center of the instrument. If mounted on the right side they would be oriented outward. So, if your organ has knee paddle mounts that look like these, please let me know how they are oriented.

    Failed. Even at 25kb it said it was too big. Oh well.

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    Well, here's what they look like on my Kimball, but bear in mind that your organ may be different.


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    Thank you, Silken Path. "Different, but the same"... the hinges work the same even though molded differently. What your photos show matches what I had come up with, so good to see agreement.

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