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Thread: Technics SX U90

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    We'd simply be guessing. A friend of mine recently had to change all of the caps on the power supply board of his Yamaha, not just the filter caps. And some of the smaller ones had leaked just enough to eat through the tracks on the board, so he had to fix them too. You really need the schematics and the test gear required to check things like voltages etc.

    Do try the suggestion of running an external source through the organ to see if the amps are OK.
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    I would like to try and help. There is an opto-coupler in the volume pedal. Check to see if the light bulb in the opto-coupler is on. Technics built it into the volume pedal instead of a pot because it's less noisy. If the bulb is burned out nothing comes through the amp. Plug in a pair of headsets into the organ. Can you hear anything? If not, I'm almost sure it's the bulb in the pedal. If you need further help you are welcome to call me at 920-237-1450. I have lots of Technic parts available if you need anything.

    Joe Scheibinger

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