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    pump mason hamlin new be

    have a mason Hamlin pump organ with 9 draw bars, when first purchased all draws and every thing else seemed to work .now unless middle draw bar (tremulant) is pushed in I loose sound from center c and up to highest notes . cant be sure but I think this was not a issue when when I picked it up a few years back. is this normal or is something inside that has to be fixed ? also between the knee paddles there is a rod sticking out , looks like a wood dowel with red paint on the tip I think this dumps air from the bellows don't like to mess with it ,is this its function ? this things so old hate to mess with things I don't understand maybe some of the people in the know out there can help me out, thanks

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    The tremulant probably needs some work. If it were operational it would impart a quavering sound to the treble stops. You're not missing anything, it is a peculiar effect quite outside of modern tastes.
    The dowel you are describing is part of their patented "Combination Swell" system (it probably says as much on the RH knee lever, unless it's been worn or stripped off). When the knee lever is pushed inward over that dowel, and locked in place flat against the mounting board, it puts into play a series of linkages that connect the opening/closing of the swell shades to the relative fullness of the air reservoir; pumping faster causes the swells to open, both conditions (more wind and open swells) give more volume of sound. For it to be effective, the bellows have to be in like-new condition and the rest of the wind system very tight.
    Same as with the tremulant, leave it in the off position unless you can get it repaired.

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