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Thread: ADC 7000 (up from ADC 5000)

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    ADC 7000 (up from ADC 5000)


    My thanks to John and Michael who helped greatly with my issues with the ADC 5000. But wouldn't you know it, an ADC 7000 became available, and I was able to get it at an agreeable price.

    So one question is what to do with the ADC 5000. I never got it completely straightened out, but it is operational. I am thinking it might be worth keeping the boards in the cage as spares while selling the console for someone to use as a midi project. The console is in quite nice condition. I kind of hate to cannibalize such a desirable model.

    The ADC 7000 is huge, but thankfully I have plenty of space for it. It has eighteen speakers (nine HC-15s, eight HC-14s, and one HC-13). I thought HC-14s and 15s were the same speaker except one was finished in appearance. These, which are labeled HC-14 are not the same as the 15s as the 14s have a tuning port. Of course, I only will use nine of the speakers.

    The amplification was remote (about fifty feet from the console), and was hooked up with coaxial cable. I'm guessing since the amplifier racks will be within ten feet of the console, I can connect with RCA type cables. Should there be a specific type?

    There was also a four-conductor cable which looked like phone line cable except that it was a higher gauge. I think this handles the remote turning on of amplifiers. This organ has two Allen reverb units. It appears the organ was purchased in 1983 and then received some sort of upgrade in 1991. I think that's when it got the HC-15 speakers and reverb units.

    Now all I need to do is get the front door and side panels removed, and I can get it in the house!

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    Hmmm.... HC-14 and HC-15 speakers are supposed to be functionally identical, though they look different. The HC-14 has the crossover chassis on the front, just like the old HC-12 cabinets, while the HC-15 moved the crossover to the rear. But otherwise, they use the same three drivers -- 15" textile-surround woofer, a single 8-ohm Peerless midrange, dome tweeter. And they both have the "port" on the enclosure. If you have cabinets without a port, they must be something besides these. Are you sure they aren't HC-12's?

    To be sure, HC-15's have undergone some "evolution" over time, and the newest ones do have some differences in the crossover circuit. For one thing, the latest ones do not have an adjustable slider resistor for the tweeter level, and they added an input capacitor to the HC-15 years ago to keep the 32' octave out of the cabinet if it is accidentally connected to a channel with a 32' stop. But I'm pretty sure they've always had a port. They did start putting a screen over the port at some point.

    The console and amps can of course be connected with simple RCA audio cables if you wish. Any kind of good quality line level shielded cables will be fine for the task. You may have to do some "adapting" at the console end, if the coax cables are hard-wired to the mixer outputs. (I doubt that they are though.)

    The four-conductor cable from the console to the rack turns on the amps and might also operate the antiphonal relays, if present. It should be labeled at both ends to show the function of each wire.

    As to the 5000, it could be hard to get rid of it. You are already aware that good organs are being sold for little money these days, and one that has problems of any kind is even harder to sell. But it is a nice console and you might be able to sell it as a good Hauptwerk console, if there are no takers for the whole thing. You just can't get much money for consoles either these days.

    There are a number of boards in the cage and outside the cage that you could use for spares on the 7000, if you decide to go that route. It just depends on how thoroughly you want to gut the 5000. You might not want to remove the DM board from the 5000, or the capture supply, as having a working capture system might be a selling point for a Hauptwerk console. But the cage, USCM, and many other parts can be safely removed without reducing the value of the console as a project base.

    You could remove the cage power supply for sure, since you had it repaired and you know how expensive a new one is.
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    Thanks as always for your help, John.

    The stickers on the back say HC-14 and some are HC-15. You of course were right about the port... it was screened over and I just did not notice it. I don't know why there is the lone HC-13. I'm guessing since I won't be using but nine speakers, I should use the HC-15s as there are nine of those.

    I was going to give the other nine to my church to use as spares if we blow either of the Herald 200s or 100s. We have a Bravura L332, and we've already had trouble with the H 100s. It is my understanding HC-14s can be used with the new organs as long as speaker types are not mixed within channels or divisions.

    As you know I hate to cannibalize a desirable model, but I think that is the best approach. I will save the parts you suggest and the two S100 amps. But I will leave the working capture board and system intact.

    Thanks again for your input.

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