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Thread: Alternate Widchests

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    Alternate Widchests

    I was having a read about the organ at the palace of Versailles in France, and came upon the term "alternate windchest", the Grand Orgue/Positif apparently having one. I did some research, and it turns out that as there is no Positif de dos case at Versailles, the builder had to house the Positif inside he main case of the organ. In doing so, he came up with a rather ingenious solution, to have one windchest for both the G.O and Positif, alternating the wind channels. This actually seems like it may take up a less space than a regular windchest, with the individual pipes from each rank having more space and therefore having fewer notes piped off the windchest. The organ would end up wider, but also shorter and shallower than other possible combinations of windchests, producing a much better projection for both divisions. I might have to try making one of these at some point, after I've finished my other project...

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    I do not think it will be that much different from having a positif and GO after each other. This are slider chests, so all the pipes of a single rank still need to stand next to each other. And you still need space between pipes to get them to speak freely. You might gain a bit in depth, and depending on execution, it might not be that much wider. In the low notes you often have unused channels because the spacing of the pipes makes that you need the room and you cannot make your channels too large either.

    What you do gain with this system is easier mechanical layout for the trackers. All the pallets will be at the same end of the chest with just a (very) large roller board. No need to use a lot of levers and so to get around the first chest if the other is above (or worse before) it.

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