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Thread: Need help identifying this folding pump organ I just bought

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    Need help identifying this folding pump organ I just bought

    Hi, I'm new here, and I need help identifying this folding organ from all you experts. I can't see a make or model name maybe because lots of the veneer has come off.

    I got it in Seguin, Texas from a lady named Brenda whose father was a chaplain in the army and based at Fort Hood in the mid 60's His name was Eugene S. Peterson.

    Is it a Bilhorn, Estey, Vocalion, Conn, Mason-Hamlin, or some other make I haven't heard of? Let me know if any other pics are needed to identify. It probably isn't very old because it looks like the original handle was a plastic one, and it is broken off. I've tried to include pics of the identifying parts like the front grill design with the metal knee parts. The pedals have some decorative harps on them, and there is a serial number. The wood work in front is more ornate than most of the really old ones, and the folding "legs" are cut more like a church organ and so aren't as plain as pics of others I've seen.

    Other than that, I don't know. Everything works except the front right knee thing that I "broke" or unattached when I was testing it out. I felt it unattach from the spring, so I'll need to unscrew the front ornate wood and try to reattach it. Any comments or tips on doing that is very much appreciated.



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    I have an Estey that looks quite different from yours. Is the A 440 on yours?

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