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    ROS Development Website

    Greetings reed organ friends,

    I have shared this with a couple of other groups, and thought that there may be some interest here too.

    In a recent post, the ROS website for researching stops was mentioned by Silken Path. In the current website, there are two separate databases, which can only be searched by going back and forth between them. I found that this can be annoying as I like to have all information in one location.

    Since the current website is getting close to 15 years old (!), it is time for a redesign. My son and I have been working on the new platform for the website, based on Concrete5 using a MySQL database. Everything has been totally rewritten, including the database - which incorporates both ROS and Gellerman into the same database search. You can still separate them if you wish. The new website is mobile friendly, and has the ability to register organs and upload photos directly from your phone. The database also includes links to YouTube videos (if available), and a very simple search tool.

    For ROS members, there is a log in for extra access - which one day will include access to the complete digitized ROS archives, such as catalogues, trade cards, advertisements and research documentation. There are also extra tools such as 'bookmarks', where you can flag any registration and add them to your private list. This login also has the ability to edit your registrations, and see your list of organs that you registered.

    If interested in a test drive, the website can be accessed at

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    Great job Rodney!

    Thank you very much for the worthwhile effort.

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