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Thread: Piece called Elves

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    Piece called Elves

    Years ago I had a demonstration lp from Allen Organs which included a piece named The Elves. It also included the Wilcocks setting of O Come All Ye Faithful, I don't remember the other tracks. I can't remember the composer of The Elves, but I liked it and have had an interest in learning. Does anyone happen to have this record and can tell me the composer? (It isn't the one by Bonnet).

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    The Allen recording titled "Voicing" include "The Elves" by Georges Bonnet, and "Adeste Fideles" arranged by Donald Westfield.

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    Here's a link to the info on the tracks of that LP:

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    Well, I'm not certain that matches my sketchy memory of it. But I'll have to take a closer listen to the one by Bonnet.

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