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Thread: Free AGO Allen - Portland, OR

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    Free AGO Allen - Portland, OR

    Couldn't tell you what model it is, as I'm a Hammond guy, but someone else here probably knows. Heck, I'm halfway tempted...
    I probably own too many keyboards

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    It's a MOS-1 organ, 200 series, probably built in the mid to late 70's. It has 5 presets, so not one of the very first out the door, which had only three. Thus it would have certain MOS upgrades that earliest ones lack. The stops that don't play could be a dead audio channel, a bad MOS board, or just dirty tab switches. Certainly worth picking up for anyone wanting a decent AGO practice organ. Restoring to 100% perfect condition could be cheap and easy (if only cleaning/adjusting tabs is needed) or quite costly (if it needs a MOS board, amp, or other major component).

    These were built like a tank, should last for decades more with reasonable care. Solid console, keys, pedals, and other hardware, so it would be great for converting to a VPO as well.
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