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Thread: Lowrey L2 Wandering Genie Midi/USB Device

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    Lowrey L2 Wandering Genie Midi/USB Device

    Hi everyone!

    So I'm looking to do a new project on my Lowrey L2. I recently changed out a divider chip and also added an effects loop to my organ. I love the look and the quirkiness of this organ and I'm looking to add more to it. Seeing as I got it for a cheap price I'd love to be able to use this organ as a midi controller / USB keyboard. The reason why this makes sense for me is because I already use an Arturia Microbrute and a Macbook Pro with Logic Pro X that sits atop the organ perfectly. I would love to add the option of midi to access sounds in Logic and do more with the organ. My Microbrute can do both USB and analog at the same time and I would like to do the same for the Lowrey.

    I'm currently looking for any components or kits that I could rig up to do this. I have experience building and assembling some complex electronics using maker parts. I am more experienced with the Raspberry Pi format but the Arduino format could be an easy possibility for me.

    I am currently trying to figure out of this keyboard is bussed or matrixed. I have to admit that I am not an expert and sometimes all these schematics and wiring kind of clutters my head. I'll attach some pictures here of what I'm looking at.

    Two pictures are of my setup, one is of the divider chip I replaced, and two are of the Rhythm Chord section that I believe may be where its matrixed. Again, I'm not an expert.
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