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Thread: Transporting An Antique Pump Organ.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roger Memphis View Post
    Those are amongst the most poorly-written instructions I have ever read. I DID manage to post a picture or two a while back, but it's just easier for me to post to Flikr and provide a link here. It must be easy here *once you understand it,* 'cause a lot of the members do it. I think I have a mental block from reading the stuff about it... and I ain't eggzaktly illiterate !

    Are pictures better?

    The issue with external services is that they eventually disappear, effectively rendering the post useless without the photos. If the Forum loses the photo, it's probably also lost the post, so it wouldn't matter if someone were relying on your input.


    P.S. External links also add a lot of &@% to your computer, and some require you to create an account to see the photo. It's just not worth it to me.
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    I like to put my pictures in the gallery, and then I can decide if I want to include them in a posting using the picture-frame icon (up there near the smiley face). The URL is found in your gallery under "Sort my pictures." Also I figure that if Admin approves an image for the gallery, he would consider it appropriate for a thread.

    Unless you actually GET the organ, though, I think you should just attach the image in a thread.

    Roger, I've seen much poorer written instructions. I've purchased things at Walmart.
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