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    Leon Berry

    Leon Berry was an organist at the Hub Skating Rink in Chicago, playing a Wurlitzer Theater Organ.

    He also had a pipe organ in his home, called "The Beast In The Basement".

    He made record albums of both organs in the 1960's.


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    Quote Originally Posted by HiDesertHal View Post
    Leon Berry was an organist at the Hub Skating Rink in Chicago, playing a Wurlitzer Theater Organ.He also had a pipe organ in his home, called "The Beast In The Basement".He made record albums of both organs in the 1960's.Hal
    I got two of his records, good player adds percussion and lays it down on the pedal compared to others who use Percussion sparingly it's a totally different style compared to others.

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    Leon Berry has cost me tens of thousands of dollars! If I hadn't purchased his LP album "Beast in the Basement" (in the sale rack for $1.99) when I was a sophomore in college I probably would never have gotten into theater organs and automatic musical instruments. I would have been happy playing my mom's Hammond M-3 spinet for the rest of my life. Sigh.

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    I tried my darndest to make a circa 1959 Lowrey Holiday sound like Berry's records (save the traps and bells) when I was a kid in the '60's. Couldn't ever do it.

    Even now, all this time later, my phone ringer is his El Relicario recording.
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    I am another big fan of Leon Berry. I also am a big fan of Wurlitzer Organs period. I do realize there are other theater organs that sound quite well also, but I can always tell when I hear a Wurlitzer. Hammond does sounds cheap compared to some of the nice electronic organs that the various companies build over the years.

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    I was fortunate as a child to hear him play. I remember climbing the ladder and watching all of the stops he used. Still one of my favorite theater organists!

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    I remember one of my first organ contest songs was Glow Worm!

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    I have always loved Leon Have all of his Audio Fidelity records I think six in all. 3 and 4 or my favorites. Used his records to test new speaker we built back in the sixty's still have and used them sound great.

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