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Thread: Problem with Noise

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    Problem with Noise

    Hey guys, quick question. For outdoor services I use my laptop, running GO and the Walcker organ sample (can't remember who created off top of my head), along with an m-audio 61 keyboard. I have used this twice so far this year with a Fender portable pa system which I borrowed from my old church with no issues. I bought a Fender passport 150, slightly newer smaller version of the one I previously borrowed to use for this purpose. When I hook up all the same stuff to my new pa I am getting a lot of electronic noise from the laptop thru the pa system. I tried a usb sound adapter instead of the headphone jack, but still get the same result. I also use the same laptop into a Yamaha 5.1 surround amp for the home VPO setup and have never experienced any noise. Any ideas why it would be different on this amp than it is on any other amp?
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    I guess the obvious question would be: are you sure that new PA system isn't defective? If your laptop sounds good with two other systems but not the new one, well... But it could also be some impedance or level issue or something funny about the grounds. Try a ground lift, if you can get one (or make one by removing the ground connection from the 1/4" plug that goes into the sound system amp). Be sure the laptop and the amp are plugged into the same extension cord with their grounds in common.

    Could also be that the new system is boosting the highs more than the older equipment did, and that is often where noise hangs out, in the upper octaves of audibility.

    Other than that, I can't think of much. Are you sure the cables you are using to connect the laptop to the amp are shielded?
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    Is the drive level from the computer too high for the Fender amp, causing you to turn the computer volume too low?
    A guitar pickup may require more gain due to the low guitar pickup signal level, while your computer output may have too much output.
    The computer volume output should be say at 3/4 of full output to keep a good signal to noise ratio. Then the Fender amp should then be adjusted to give a desirable output with low distortion and no overload for that computer drive. If the Fender has a "Line IN" then this would be a better match.

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