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Thread: Problem With Forum Editor

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    Problem With Forum Editor

    Quote Originally Posted by organman95 View Post
    And on another note...anyone know why I can't just go to a new line/paragraph when I press enter on this forum? Throws everything into one continuous mess line that is incredibly difficult for even me to read.
    I'm not aware of any such problem.

    You have a choice in your Forum settings of three different text editors. Which one are you using? Also, the performance of the text editor may be dependent on your browser. What browser and version are you using?

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    Wasn't aware there are different text editors, and I'm using IE 11

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    I was having this problem when I posted from my phone. (This is from my phone. We'll see if it's still a problem. There should be a hard return after this line.)

    I also had trouble with one of my computers. On the computer it seemed that there was a security check that was failing. IIRC, When I told chrome to stop running scripts, the problem went away. It's been a couple weeks, so my memory is a bit fuzzy.

    Edit: it looks like my phone is working.

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    What editors are there? My phone used to write paragraphs and post in one big glob like above mentioned, but it has stopped. It comes and goes, same with desktop browser issues, they come and go. I had it once where on IE11 eBay would load, then go blank 3 seconds later It's working now, but at the time Google chrome would do the same, but the listings would reappear with the first result half covered.

    So computers do weird stuff, some glitch somewhere, but try to work around it. Maybe this topic could be a reminder to take it easy on the one paragraph posters. I was almost called out once for it, but I got to the desktop and fixed my post before the complaint was posted.
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    So there are three available editors on the forum? How do I choose a different one?

    I see some forum posts with stuff like bulleted lists, bold-face headings, different size fonts, and such, and I've never figured out how they are doing that. Is that something offered in one of the editors?

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    So this is how it's done....

    • Click on "Settings" at the top of the page

    • Go to "General Settings"
    • Move down the list and find the three editors, chose the full WYSIWYG
    • ​Start enjoying all this cool stuff!
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    But where are all the organ smiley's? I see some of the most basic ones of any forum, although I like the more basic vs really comical ones, but lots of other forums seem to have custom made "smileys". At the very least I'd expect a smiley playing at a console, possibly wearing a vampire cape.
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