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Thread: Mystery Part in my Estey

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    Mystery Part in my Estey

    So, while going over the innards of my recently acquired 1901 Estey (see, What Model is this Estey post), I found a loose part rattling around. The lower back set of reeds is the Diapason, and in front of the treble mute was a loose piece the length of the mute, that appeared to be some kind of tiny baffle. It looks like it was hinged onto the mute by two tiny fabric hinges that were screwed on with blocks. The fabric has failed long ago and left this thin-gee just laying there. There are similar hinges on the bass mute, but no sign of the corresponding part. So, if I reattach it where it seems to have been, what does it do? When the mute opens it would pivot up - partially covering the reed cells, but half an inch away, but still allowing air space and space at the ends for sound to exit (I'll have to post pictures). The long edge has a tiny strip of felt where it rests on the pan, and there are two even tinier felt punchings between it and the edge of the mute it would be hinged to. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I've never encountered one before. I could just leave it off, but that just seems wrong. Help!

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    I call it a "dolce rail". It creates the Dulciana soft stop on the Diapason row. It muffles the sound somewhat. IMO a very good system.

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    Thanks. I thought it might be something like that, but wasn't sure. It should go back on, then, by all means. Too bad the bass one seems to be MIA.

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    "Dolce Rail"

    SubBase: I was able to reattach the detached "dolce rail" in my Estey, and fabricated a replacement for the missing bass half. I have to agree with you, the difference between the loud and soft is significant - especially in the treble. I don't know why other builders didn't do it this way, as it appears to be superior to just opening the mute less. I suppose Estey had a patent. Thanks again for your help.

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