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Thread: Booker T / Meters set suggestions

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    Booker T / Meters set suggestions

    Hello all,

    I just played a booker t / meters organ trio set that went over well. Thought i'd take to the forum to get your song suggestions. I'm looking for some other iconic or recognizable organ classics or songs that translate well to organ trio.

    Here what I've got so far:

    Green Onions
    Hip Hug Her
    Jelly Bread
    Cissy Strut
    The Preacher (Horace Silver)
    Superstition (Stevie Wonder)
    I Wish (SW)
    1 in 7 (Soulive)
    Frankenstein (Edgar Winter)

    Any ideas!? Looking for rock and gospel but any ideas are good.

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    Hang Em High
    Time Is Tight
    Music To Watch Girls By
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hugh Little View Post
    I'm looking for some other iconic or recognizable organ classics or songs that translate well to organ trio..
    Welcome to the forum.
    That's a smoking list so far.
    Frankenstein for organ trio? Love it.

    Listening to some Booker T yesterday reminded me how they covered a lot of contemporary hits in their own style.

    Never My Love
    You Keep Me Hanging On (obviously informed by Vanilla Fudge)
    Lots of Beatles, McLemore Avenue medleys are superb

    One Mint Julep might be one for you.
    I enjoyed listening to the Ray Charles version with a Quincy Jones big band arrangement.
    Then hearing the MGs do it with a Green Onions groove behind it.

    There's an excellent budget box set of the first five Booker T & the MGs albums I picked up.
    Remastered from the original tapes, they never sounded better.
    Released by Rhino for the EU due to their different copyright laws, but available as an import for $15.
    Highly recommended.


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    Thanks for these awesome suggestions!

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    Funky instrumental organ groups and Kool and the Gang covers go hand in hand.
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    How about the Rita Coolidge version of the Jackie Wilson great hit called Your Love (Keeps Lifting Me Higher and Higher). Her version went higher on the charts than Jackie Wilson's version and there's organ throughout the song. Also her version was a version Booker T had written and was going to put on an album and she asked his permission to record it.

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    Is there an organ in Superstition? I can't picture it.

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    Whiter shade of pale

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