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Thread: Korg bx-3

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    Korg bx-3

    I was given this about 10 years ago. It works fine just needs tidying up a little. Even has a flight case for it. Is it worth anything? Can't seem to post pictures yet.

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    Depending on state and which model it is the price varies. Is it the analogue or digital model, you'll spot the difference easily if it has a LCD-screen or no screen at all. I have a analogue that plays well, has some minor scratches and one key is/was broken (I mended it with stuff I had at home, so now there's a handcarved wooden key in it's place).

    But I can only speak for the analogue model, since I've never had or have played the digital version.

    I paid around 600 dollars for mine, and I think it was a great deal yet. If you don't compare it to hammond it's a great instrument with a nice sound. It looks good and feels good. It's fairly light if you're going to gig it, while it's heavy in history, as it is considered to be the first real hammondclone on the market.

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