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Thread: The most annoying or sought out stop

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    The most annoying or sought out stop

    What is your most anyoing stop or conversely what rank of pipes is a must for you on the fine unit orchestras.

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    Most annoying is the English Post Horn, which I share the same feelings as Jesse Crawford, when asked why he did not include that stop on the "Crawford Special" Publix 1: "To protect the patrons from the organist! The Post Horn has a definite place in music, but is grossly overused by organists who tend to know when not to use it".

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    Same sentiment here though I think a theater organs are not complete without it and only if it is used in moderation and in the right place.

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    late reply to this but the post horn is great for a solo stab, not as much to fill out the ensemble. I find the best use if for the pedal hold working up to a climax. Must use sparingly, but nothing like the 8' post horn to make a pedal point.


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    There's another place for the English Post Horn if you can trem it. Jackie Brown recorded some great stuff on the Granada Tooting in the 60s. One track that sticks in the mind is "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas", where he uses the EPH, tremmed, with block chords. Doesn't sound anywhere near as blasting as it might have been un-tremmed.

    And yes, I suppose the stab is where I use it most times. I don't have one on the Roland, but I can reach in the box of goodies on the classical side and use the Bombarde to good effect instead.

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