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Thread: Hammond Inside DVD

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    Hammond Inside DVD

    Hello (from France) !

    May be you heard about project "Hammond Inside".

    On the initiative of Bruno Micheli (pianist, organist, recording studio
    manager), this name was given to a DVD fully dedicated to jazz Hammond

    In fact, box includes two DVDs, one dedicated to the inside of the
    vintage wheel instrument, the other is a tricks collection of organ

    As a very brief summary :

    DVD #1 was performed with Alain Kahn, the european top

    specialist of Hammond vintage maintenance (supplier of organ top
    artists). In three hours, all the steps of the full renewal of an
    Hammond wheels organ are shown in details. Printable schematics and
    documents are included.

    DVD #2, three hours too, explains how a jazz organist plays, without
    boring theory or wording, only in a practical way, using comprehensive
    camera viewing on keyboards, in a demo spirit. A midifiles set is
    included, for individual training if needed.

    All is in 16/9 screen format, four (user selectable) languages, PAL or SECAM or NTSC as requested.

    Availability is planned nov. 15th, 2006.

    A preview promo-clip can be displayed here :

    (have a look !)

    If interested, and before commercial distribution, Hammond

    Inside DVD can be ordered (at subscriber price) here :

    A launching-masterclass evening will be performed in one of the Paris
    top jazz-clubs in next january, and in some other locations.

    Do not hesitate if you have further questions.

    Eric WETZEL

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    Re: Hammond Inside DVD

    Hi, gentlemen !

    The Hammond Inside DVD is now available !

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    I'm looking for this DVD, but ever link provided seems to be broken.

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    would like to know where I can purchase this.

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    Quote Originally Posted by larryjanca View Post
    would like to know where I can purchase this.
    I purchased my version about 10 years ago for AUD130.00 so the price is now (relatively speaking) somewhat less.

    Alain Kahn was very helpful when I had some email interactions with him. However, that was long time ago and he was unwell at the time. I can no longer find his website.

    I also took a look on the Bruno Micheli website ( and it appears that you can purchase the DVD directly from there ... EU75.00.
    However, clicking on the purchase link appears to go to a dead page. He is also on facebook so that could be an avenue of enquiry for you.

    This purchase page appears to work OK as at 27-Jan-2018, item is in stock: ... EU69.00

    Hope this helps...
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    1965 M102 / 145
    1967 M111A / 330

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