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Thread: Respect / Who are you?

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    My username is real

    Quote Originally Posted by FrenchHorn8 View Post
    I'm sure everyone has noticed that we've been having a problem with respect on the Forum lately. I think the problem lies with not knowing each other. Most of the time, when we see a username on here, it doesn't have anything to do with who the person really is. We're just talking back to a name, not even thinking it's a real person.

    We should start including our real names in our posts so we can reply to each other, instead of the "mask" we're hiding behind. I think it will bring us together more and we'll feel like we're communicating more with people than "machines". I know some people would like to remain anonymous, and I completely respect that, but if you feel like you would like to state your name in your posts, I really think you should.

    I hope this doesn't sound too crazy. It's 1:00AM here, so who knows what I'm thinking. Anyone else have ideas???

    Hello Trevor,
    I am using my real name as my username.

    Bill McIntyre

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    I actually planned to use my name as my login ('timbarnes'), but the autocorrector changed it to 'timbres', which I thought was fun given the musical connotations. But I also try not to be offensive .
    Allen Theater 12 reconstruction w/ DIY scanners, amplifiers and speakers. Hauptwerk on an old Mac Pro.

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