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Thread: Standaart Organ Company

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    Standaart Organ Company

    To all organ lovers....please help me!

    I'm researching information on Standaart Organ Company in Suffolk, VA.1950 -60's?

    Both my father and grandfather were employed there and I'm desperate to find out more information on the organs they built. So farIhave located one in a church in Suffolk.

    Thank you for helping me.

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    Re: Standaart Organ Company

    I haven't heard that name in years!

    I believe they built the organ at Grove Avenue Baptist - the original church - that was sold to VCU in the 70's and the organ was abandonded and/or removed.

    It's a long shot, butRon Davis was the Moeller rep in Virginia and replaced some of those organs. He's at Ginter Park UMC in Richmond and might remember some details about the company.


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    Re: Standaart Organ Company

    I played a 3m Standaart once last year in a Baptist church in Salisbury, NC. It was a fairly large instrument from what I could remember but definitely not impressive. It sounded much smaller than it really was.

    I'm not sure about the builder of the organ in the old Grove Ave. Baptist church in Richmond, however the website for the Richmond AGO chapter might be able to tell you more. They have a fairly complete listing of most of the organs in the city. If my memory serves me correctly that particular organ is still in the building that VCU bought from the church however it is not in use.

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    Re: Standaart Organ Company

    What a coincidence! My parents were married at Grove Avenue Baptist in '50 or '51. They had just finished at MCV, and according to Mother, the organist failed to show up for the ceremony, and the minister located the director of music on the golf course, who came in and played for the service.

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