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    Midi Sequencer Software

    Please can somebody suggest an up to date program for writing midi files. For the past 20 years I have used on old program by Voyetra Technology which has served me well. However the computer that this program is installed on is well past it's sell by date and I have replaced it with a modern laptop running the 64bit version of Windows 7. I have already purchased a modern music program, which was sadly a total wast of money for my purposes. I purchased Music Creater 5 which runs ok on Windows 7, but is way way too complicated for my needs. Too be honest I have given up with it because as yet I have been unable to enter ever the simplest things.

    I am interested only in midi, I have absolutely no interest at all in audio files which most of the modern programs I have looked at seem to be geared towards. What I am looking for is a simple midi sequencer program, however these seem to be thin on the ground. When ever I make an enquiry with a company about a suitable program they respond like I am from another planet. Yes I know technology moves ever onward, and if you are skilled you can produce some very impressive audio files with modern DAW's. However all I am looking for is a program which allows me to connect a midi keyboard (in my case an Orla GT 3000 organ) to my laptop, and record in midi format what I play. Also to be able to edit a score in step mode so as to correct any mistakes. Then to be able to play it back via the organ. I would also need to be able to enter Program Change and Control Change messages as well as being able to set memory banks and send System Exclusive messages.

    It would be preferable to be able to work in musical notation, also to be able to print out the finished score. However I can cope with usual Piano Roll View if I have to.

    I know I can get all I need with something like Sibelius 7 but sadly that costs way more than I can afford. I am looking for something that costs 200 maximum. Any help and advice would be very much appreciated.


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    I've always been a big fan of Overture. Used it for almost 20 years.

    Simpler and cheaper than Finale.

    There is also a minimal version of Finale.

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    Thanks very much for your suggestions. I have downloaded demo copies of both the programs you suggest and given them a try. Having played with Overture I think it's an excellent package, but way too complicated and expensive.

    FinaleNote pad is fine as far an entering note data is concerned, and the printout facilities are fine for my purposes, it's also inexpensive. However, so far I can't find a way of entering NRPN's or System Exclusive data into the score. I need to be able to use both as they are used by the Orla GT3000 for setting up the ADSR envelopes, the drawbar settings plus a whole raft of other things via midi.

    I have written to the company that produce Finale Notpad for advise as on these points. It maybe that I'll have to move to a slightly more up market product. Anyway thanks again for your sugesstions.


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    You could try the Notation products at - Musician & Composer. Both very reasonably priced compared to the Sonic Scores products mentioned above. I've received recommendations for these from friends, but as yet I have not used any of them myself.

    Peter Sharp
    Ballarat Australia

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